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Club Ethos


Our aim is to be a successful club – something we believe should be measured not just by the number of games we win – but by how each individual member fits into and contributes to the club. To achieve this we have a core set of principles –


  • Commitment, to the club and to your own personal development;

  • Honesty;

  • Earned respect;

  • Discipline


We are a club which treats all members fairly and equally, and values the individual skills, style and diverse personalities that each member brings to the club; where everyone is encouraged to, and feels confident to contribute, and these contributions are valued and acknowledged – but most of all, a club where everyone enjoys their netball.


We encourage members to take responsibility for their own progress, think about what they need to do to reach their netball potential and develop the confidence and skills to make positive netball decisions, both on and off the court.


We expect a lot from our members, and we expect our members to ask a lot from the club. We provide well thought out, structured training sessions aimed at developing both individual skills and a strong, positive style of play.


We have a strong junior section which feeds into our senior club and believe in supporting our players in developing not only their playing skills but other areas such as officiating and coaching, with a vision that these youngsters will provide the club with the next generation of senior players.




Nightcliff Netball Club strives in our ethos of helping develop all individuals to achieve their potential, whether this is reaching the heights of the club’s first team or being part of the individual’s journey to become an international netball player.


We work towards this in a team environment of all ages and abilities by having a family of coaches, team managers, umpires and supportive parents who all work together in a safe, open and cohesive environment.

Important season & club information

Your Role as Team Manager

Your role as team manager is to be the liaison between your players and the club, you are also the organizational person for the team. Buy taking this role you alloe the coach to focus on training the team. You will be the person to organise rosters, player availability, time keepers, scorers among other things.

Club Contacts


Jen Wardell

Senior Vice President

Mandy Hyde

Junior Vice President

Michelle Krake


Kate McCullough


Sarah Gilies


Senior Coordinator

Sophie Butler


Upper Junior Cooridnator

Courtney Furlan


Lower Junior Coordinator

Renae Sheillis


Umpire coordinator


Court Bookings & Allocations

We endeavour to give each team their preferred training day and time, sometimes this is just not possible. We only have a certain number of courts allocated to us. The most popular training day is Monday 5pm – 6pm so if you can avoid these times, you will have a better chance of getting your preferred training day and time.


If for any reason your team is not training at their allocated time or day then please you’re your respective coordinator know so that they cancel the court hire. Court bookings one of the clubs largest cost being roughly $1500 - $2000 a month.

Equipment Cage

All coaches and managers are granted access to the equipment cage for training, you are welcome to use any of the training equipment in the cage for your training, returning the items once you have finished your training session. You will be provided the cage code at the start of the season.

Facebook groups

We have two Facebook groups which are used through out the

season for member to member and club to member communication.

Please add yourself to the groups.




Fruit Roster

Your team is welcome to develop a fruit roster for the season. Please see fruit roster template here. FRUIT ROSTER

Majestri & Accessing your team

Majesti is our club management system where you will be able to access your team and your teams details. Once you have been assigned to a team you will then be able to log into your account to access your team.

> My details

> Click on your team under group

> You will be taken to your teams dougout, where you will find contact details for your team manager and team.

Scoring & Timing

Each team is responsible for providing a scorer and or timer for each of their games. This includes games in finals.


Training is held on Monday or Tuesday depending on coaches and teams’ availability. Coaches’ preference do take precedence.

Training Bags

You team will be provided with a training bag at the start of the season, this is yours to hold onto for the season. The bag will include, 2 x balls, Stick on bibs, pull over bibs, ball pump, netball rules book, coaches hand book and essentials kit.

Working with children

You must by law apply for a working with children clearance, also called an Ochre Card, to work or volunteer with children in the Northern Territory (NT).

Online applications are fast and easy to complete.


On the NT Police SAFE NT website you can apply or renew your card, check your renewal date, change your details, request a replacement card and check the progress of an online application.


The fees are $7.00 if you are volunteering in child-related work, we will provide you with a working with children volunteer concession form and reimburse the $7.00 fee.


Umpires will be supplied for each game where available. We are a huge club and get a lot of umpiring allocations each week. Your team may be asked from time to time to provide a umpire. What some teams choose todo is either have a dedicated umpire for the team or develop a team umpiring roster (where if a umpiring allocation falls on your team for that date the person on the roster either takes the umpiring allocation or it is up to them to find a umpire to take the allocation.

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